2009 Brownlow was a major highlight for me. Although it celebrates a special event for the footballers, it was also a great event for the women to show off their gowns.

It was also a special day for myself as it was a great opportunity to have met a special person Brynne Edelsten and Ex husband Dr Geoffrey Edelsten.

Since this day on, i continued working with Brynne and became her personal make up artist for 4 years and continued on doing the make up for all major events.





Channel 9 Logie Awards

Channel 9 T.V Week Logies is a day of glamor for all women.

I had the pleasure of working with Brynne Edelsten. As always, she is a pleasure to work with. She always looks amazing which compliments her bubbly character.



Spring Racing Carnival

For many years i have had the pleasure of working on some beautiful woman, Amongst them being Brynne Edelsten and Gretel Packer, Kerry Packer’s daughter.

Charity Events

It gave me great pleasure to be part of such great charity events such as; Fashion Parades for the Breast West Cancer Foundation, 2009 Fashion+Aid Charity Event for Make A Wish Foundation and The Red Ball 2009 for the Fight Cancer Foundation. These events make us all aware of the importance of supporting the various foundations.

Some of the events involved performances by various dancers, models, singers, etc. Fashion Aid and The Red Ball had a Michael Jackson Thriller Tribute which involved myself and my make up team to transform over 100 dancers into skeletons/zombies.

Charity Fashion Parade for the Breast Cancer Foundation Breast West Fashion Show 2008 and 2010 involved breast cancer survivors parading down the catwalk in amazing garments. Along side them were Western Health surgeons, breast cancer specialists and other important people who have helped them through their journey. These women got the opportunity to also be beautified and pampered which put a smile on their faces. This fashion feast was a celebration of women and survival and a moving experience for everyone involved

Fashion+Aid Charity Event for Make A Wish Foundation
Fashion Aid and The Red Ball had a Michael Jackson Thriller Tribute which involved myself and my make up team to transform over 100 dancers into skeletons/zombies.

The Red Ball – Fight Cancer Foundation
The Red Ball involved a few celebrities such as Tottie Goldsmith, Grace Knight and Hugh Jackmans mother-in-law ( Deborra-lee Furness`s mother) It was an honour and pleasure working with these wonderful women.

2009 Wedding Of The Year – Geoffrey and Brynne Edelsten

On Sunday, November 29, 2009, Dr Geoffrey Edelsten married Ms Brynne Gordon in the Palladium Ballroom at the Crown Casino.

I started out early in the morning with the amazing bridal party and hairdressers. Was a long, yet amazing day, following the bride to be for photo shoots and quick lipstick touch ups.

The wedding was an absolute success with the surprise performances of the Michael Jackson Thriller dancers and a 20 minute circus show.

The night was surrounded by familiar faces such as the 2 hosts Fran Drescher & Jason Alexander , MC Richard Wilkins introduced the non-stop entertainment, Anthony Callea performing “The Prayer”, Daryl Braithwaite, Darryl Cotton

with “Everlasting Love” and Venetta Fields rendition of “At Last” for the bridal waltz.

This would definitely be and experience never to forget.

Channel 7 – Brynne: My Bedazzled life- 2012

In 2012 Brynne Edelsten had a brand new fly-on-the-wall series, Brynne: My Bedazzled Life. As her friend and make up artist, i too was a part of her show

Channel 10 – Cooking Shows

I have worked for Creative Media Productions on the following cooking shows for channel 10; ‘Yes Chef’ and “It’s a Lifestyle TV” doing hair and make up for the lovely Dominique Rizzo and also for Alana Lowes who has hosted the food and lifestyle TV series ‘A Taste of Travel’ on Channel 10 in 2012.

Dancing With The Stars

I was very fortunate enough to work on the set of dancing with the stars doing make up for the talented Wynter Gordon and her dancers (You may know her for her hit ‘Dirty Talk’ in 2011)

FOX FM Wedding

In 2012 i was invited to the FOX FM wedding and had the pleasure of doing the make up for the bride on the day. This wedding was like no other, fun and creative, held by FOX FM.